Building Post Tensioning

Freyssinet has extensive experience in providing both design and construction of post tensioning slab elements to a wide range of applications within the building industry.

By specifying post tensioned slab elements designers achieve a number of significant advantages. By inducing a compressive load into the structure, the reliance on conventional reinforcing to carry tensile loads is reduced, therefore leading to a reduction in the thickness of the required slab and in the required quantity of both steel and concrete with the obvious cost savings this entails. Furthermore, the span between column supports achievable with post tensioned design can be increased, leading to a greater usable floor area for developers and retailers to utilise.

Building PT

Through the use of the 1F15 monostrand stressing system, coupled with compact and versatile stressing equipment, a wide variety of structures can be constructed using post tensioning techniques, including:

  • Shopping Malls and Commercial Developments
  • Multi Storey Parking Facilities
  • Hospitals
  • Residential Developments
  • Sporting and Leisure Facilities
  • Storage and Distribution Warehouses

Freyssinet can offer a full design and construction service, including reinforcing steel, to provide post tensioning to any construction application requiring a minimal slab depth.

Building PT