Kilcher Bearings

Freyssinet's Kilcher Bearings offer a wide range of options to structural designers for use in either the permanent design condition or during construction to allow load transfer and movement in one cost effective product. 

Formed using a patented fabrication technique, the Kilcher bearing is a two part strip bearing using advanced materials to allow load bearing capacities of up to 36t/m and 30mm of movement.

Typical applications for the Kilcher bearing include at construction joints in concrete structures to allow creep and shrinkage or at the interface between a roof or slab structure and a support column, allowing thermal movement of the structure.

Laminated Elastomeric Bearings

Elastomeric bearings

Freyssinet are the leading supplier of laminated elastomeric bearings to the Southern African market. Laminated elastomeric bearings are rubber pads reinforced with steel shims that offer excellent load carrying characteristics whilst allowing horizontal and rotational movement.

Fully tested in accordance with Colto specifications, Freyssinet's laminated elastomeric bearings offer a cost effective solution allowing capacities of up to 4500kN and movements of up to 45mm.

Whilst Freyssinet offer a standard range of the most commonly used sizes, any combination of dimension and shim formation can be manufactured, offering designers a bespoke bearing solution for any situation.

Mechanical Pot Bearings

Tetron C® pot bearings have been developed by Freyssinet since 1960. They are designed to allow or to restrict movements between two structures and to transfer the induced reactions. They fully satisfy all current international standards and Freyssinet can offer a complete package, from design through to supply, for an extensive range of pot bearings, including uni-directional, multi-directional, uplift restraint and rotational restraint. 

Mechanical pot bearings