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The product of 65 years of continuous R&D effort, Freyssinet solutions meet the highest standards of modern civil engineering and major building projects.

In each of its specialist areas, Freyssinet sets itself exacting performance criteria generally positioned above the usual industry standards. This demand for quality applies not just to products developed in the company's factories and laboratories, but also to implementation, adherence to deadlines and sustainability.

Freyssinet's aim is to provide the best possible responses to clients' major challenges in terms of technical and economic performance, reliability and durability.


Wing Tip Bridge (USA)

Anchoring solutions

Freyssinet offers geotechnical anchoring solutions and associated services to companies engineering special foundations and carrying out strengthening work to ensure structural stability and reinforce the ground.

Products are developed and then manufactured in modern workshops by skilled workers. Quality is the keyword at every stage in the manufacturing process, and all products undergo exhaustive tests to guarantee best-in-class performance.

Freyssinet Anchor Solutions