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Specialised Concrete Repair & Strengthening

As a leader in specialised concrete strengthening and concrete repair, Freyssinet South Africa offers the complete solution to revive any concrete or steel structure to life again.  We provide the investigation, evaluation, strengthening, rehabilitation and repair of any concrete structure in order to extend its expected life.  

So before considering to demolish your structure, give us a call.  We will be able to help you:

- Structural repair and rehabilitation;
- Structural strengthening: Carbon Fibre; Carbon fibre plates/ wraps and Steel plating;
- Bridge jacking and bearing replacement;
- Waterproofing;
- Strengthening and lining of liquid retaining structures;
- Joint sealants;
- Cementitious grouting;
- Crack Injection;
- Epoxy Resin applications;
- and many more....

As an expert in repair solutions, Freyssinet offers its expertise and support to designers and main contractors in every stage of the project.  From initial diagnostics to solution and implementation of the works.

Our specialist team (civil and chemical engineers) enable Freyssinet to meet the client's requirements and needs in terms of quality, schedules, costs, safety and the environment.


Concrete Dam Repair

Concrete Silo Structural Repair