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Products: Structural & Geotechnical Accessories

Structural accessories

These are systems that link two structural elements together in relation to relative movements and forces imposed by the structures on each other due to external stresses.

Structural accessories can be categorized into three families in relation to their main core function:

- Bearings: Transfer vertical loads,
- Expansion Joints: Ensures continuous road surface,
- Earthquake protection devises: Reduce the transfer of inertial forces.

Freyssinet ensures that the devices implemented correspond perfectly to the models used in the structure's static and dynamic analysis, thereby providing complete control over the structure's actual movement and thereby guaranteeing its resistance, stability and durability.


Products - Elastomeric Bearings

Geotechnical Anchoring Systems

Ground anchors were one of the first applications of Freyssinet's technologies.  In 1939, Eugene Freyssinet used prestressed anchors, together with flat jacks, to stabilise the Beni Bahdel dam in Algeria.

Today, Freyssinet provides a wide range of ground stabilization products such as:

- Ground Anchors
- Micropiles
- Strand Anchors
- Freyssibar Anchors

Ground Anchors