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For over 60 years Freyssinet South Africa has been involved in the construction of buildings and skyscrapers, optimising structures through the benefits of post tensioned floor slabs, transfer beams, columns and beams.

With its integrated post tension design, supply and installation solutions, Freyssinet makes its design expertise and know-how available to contracting authorities, engineers and architects in producing a more functional and durable structure, simultaneously bringing about economical savings to any project.

Design and installation of:

- Mono-strand & Multi-strand systems,
- Bonded and un-bonded solutions,
- High rise and low rise buildings floors,
- Bridges,
- Concrete Slabs on grade,
- Reservoirs,
- Industrial slabs,
- Industrial and grain silos,
- Cooling towers,
- Transfer slabs
- Dam walls,
- Stadiums,
- Mega structures,
- Bulk infrastructure, etc.

These solutions can be used within the new-build and repair market.  

Variety of Applications:

- Property developers,
- Mining houses,
- Agricultural Storage Houses,
- Municipality Bulk infrastructure,
- Rail Authorities,
- Harbour and Port Infrastructure,
- Road Infrastructure,
- Industrial Infrastructure,
- Shopping centres,
- Hospitals,
- Parking buildings,
- Residential buildings,
- Business Office blocks and centres
- Industrial buildings,
- Sports facilities,
- Slabs on ground,
- and many more....  

Post Tension Solutions: Gautrain (Phase 1)