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Freyssinet Structural Repairs (PTY)Ltd, a BBBEE level 2 Certified Company.

Freyssinet Structural Repairs (PTY)Ltd, a BBBEE level 2 certified company.

Freyssinet Posten (PTY)Ltd has recently restructured the organisation and the shareholding of the operations in South Africa and has created a new company Freyssinet Structural Repairs (PTY)Ltd.  We are proud to announce our BBBEE status as a LEVEL 2 contributor with 51% Black ownership.

Soletanche-Freyssinet Group Management has taken the view that as part of our social responsibility, we wanted to embrace the BBBEE codes in our local business in South Africa. In restructuring the business, we have allowed for a 51% shareholding by a Black Educational Trust. This affords existing and prospective customers multiple benefits under the new BBBEE Codes.

Freyssinet Structural Repairs (PTY)Ltd delivers solutions to protect, repair, reinforce and maintain buildings and engineering structures.

·        Repair, reinforce, protect, maintain: We carry out one-off projects, for example to safeguard a building or adapt a structure to new use or new regulatory requirements, and we also handle comprehensive regular maintenance under customized contracts.

   o   Repair: Concrete repair and protection, Crack treatment, Concrete re-profiling, Sealant for water civil engineering structures

   o   Reinforce: Additional prestressing, Dry and wet process shotcrete, Carbon fiber bonded composite, Reinforcement of metal or wood structures, Underpinning with micropiles

   o   Protect: Protective coatings, Physical and chemical surface treatment using corrosion inhibitors, Electrochemical treatment of concrete coating, Galvanic protection, Impressed current cathodic protection

   o   Maintain: Replacement of expansion joints and bearings, Maintenance and replacement of stay cables, Replacement of carrier tendons and hangers on suspension bridges, Structural inspection and instrumentation, Maintenance of concrete, timber and steel structures

·        The full range of structures: We repair ageing structures and structures requiring modification, including bridges, engineering structures, buildings, industrial and water civil engineering structures, marine and river structures, tunnels and arch structures and old buildings. We work with all types of concrete, steel and wood.

·        A single interface and guarantee: We deliver the entire project, from design to implementation. This integrated comprehensive coverage ensures reliable service for the client.

·        State-of-the-art expertise: Our Research and Development department offers innovative repair solutions that are designed, developed and tested by our engineers. Our experience with construction enables us to deliver extremely technical works that few providers can handle.